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  • DU’s Joe Scott offers advice for Air Force’s Dave Pilipovich

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    More from interview with DU’s Joe Scott.

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  • BCS denies Mountain West automatic berth; commissioner Craig Thompson statement

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    The Mountain West was hoping for an automatic bid into the Bowl Championship Series for the BCS’s final two years, but the BCS presidential oversight committee denied the conference’s request.

    The college football will change dramatically in 2014, when a four-team playoff is implemented. The Mountain West thought its performance over the last evaluation period had qualified it for an AQ exemption until the system changes, and last December put in a request to have its league champion get an automatic berth into the lucrative BCS bowls.

    “We made a very compelling case on behalf of the Mountain West,” commissioner Craig Thompson said in a statement.  “It was based on clear performance metrics and the prior precedent established by the BCS in awarding automatic qualification. Unfortunately, the Presidential Oversight Committee decided against granting us the AQ exemption.”

  • DU’s Joe Scott talks about playing Air Force in basketball

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    The first of several posts from interview with former Air Force coach Joe Scott:

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  • Is Troy Calhoun’s job security among the strongest in college football?

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    Via Military Times’ After Action blog, here’s CBSSports.com’s rankings of which coaches have the hottest seat coming into the season. Not too surprisingly, Air Force’s Troy Calhoun ranks very high on the list, though it’s still a bit startling to see the elite and small group Calhoun is with on this list.

    The site ranks job security, or how hot the seat is for each coach, on a 0-5 ranking. The 0.0 and 0.5 rankings mean that coach “can’t be touched.” There were 15 coaches that got a 0.0 ranking, including Calhoun. He was joined by coaches like Alabama’s Nick Saban, Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema, Boise State’s Chris Petersen, Michigan’s Brady Hoke and Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy – some of the best in America. There were 15 other coaches that got a 0.5 ranking.

    Technically, I do agree with Calhoun’s place on this list. Air Force is not firing him, I think everyone knows that. He has done fantastic things, leading the Falcons to a bowl game every year, and the athletic department is thrilled with him. But taking a step back from the actual odds Calhoun’s job is in danger (roughly 0 percent), I’d be more curious to know his “approval rating” from fans. Last season wasn’t a banner year for the Falcons – though they did still continue the bowl streak and win the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy. The Falcons face a bit of a rebuilding season this year, replacing a lot of starters, though I don’t think continuing the bowl streak is too much to ask.

    So what say you, Falcons fans? Is Calhoun’s approval rating still about perfect? Has it dipped at all?

  • Herrington only Mountain West player on preseason special teams watch list

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    Training camp for Air Force football begins in a little over a month, and one of the few certainties the Falcons have going into camp is their kicker.

    There will be new starters at almost every position group, but Parker Herrington returns after a fantastic year at kicker for Air Force. He surprisingly won the job in fall and never looked back. Herrington was included on the College Football Performance Awards (CFPA)  2012 Special Teams Watch List – the only Mountain West player on that list. Herrington was one of 33 placekickers on the list.

    With so much else to worry about in August, the Air Force coaches certainly are happy they won’t have to spend much time fretting about who will kick this season.

  • All-Military Classic on USS Yorktown not official yet, but close

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    The last piece of the puzzle to put the All-Military Classic basketball event on an aircraft carrier seems to be figuring out the final details for a television broadcast of the championship round on Monday, Nov. 12, and if the visiting schools could stay an extra day.

    Mike Whalen, the executive director of Morale Entertainment Foundation, said plans to have Citadel, Air Force, Army and Virginia Military Institute play on the USS Yorktown are still moving forward. There’s a good chance the first round will be played Saturday, Nov. 10 on the ship, a day after a men’s game between Ohio State and Marquette and a women’s game between Notre Dame and Ohio State are played on the carrier. The second day of the event is still being worked out. Whalen said he has been in contact with Air Force about travel arrangements if the championship round finds a broadcast home for that Monday and the Falcons have to stay an extra day.

  • Second phase of Mountain West TV deal still being worked out

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    June is a time of relative peace and quiet in the football world, unless you’re waiting for a television package to be put together by your conference.

    The Mountain West announced the first phase of its football television schedule on May 3. Included in that announcement was plans for the second phase – working with television partner CBS Sports Network and schools to add games on regional and local platforms. That was seven weeks ago, and schools might be starting to look nervously at the calendar because there will be a third phase to figure out.

    The Mtn. isn’t around to broadcast the unselected games, so schools will be given the rights to any games that aren’t included on the television schedule after the second phase is announced. The schools will weigh their options for those unselected games – such as local television, internet streaming or not broadcasting the games at all. While schools have been preparing for that for weeks, it’s impossible to make definite plans without knowing what games they will have rights to.

    A league spokesman said the TV committee has been working on the issue for several weeks and the Mountain West hopes to have an announcement soon.