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A funny story from Troy Calhoun

Published: July 28, 2011, 12:59 pm, by admin

One of the fun things about Mountain West media days is players and coaches are pretty relaxed, before training camp and the intensity of the season begins. I enjoy the hour the print media gets with Air Force coach Troy Calhoun, because it’s a chance to chat about a wide variety of topics, and Calhoun usually has interesting opinions to share.

He also usually shares a funny story or two, and he had a good one when I asked about the first time he experienced a service academy game. The story was actually from his second experience in a service academy game, when he was a freshman and Air Force played Army. I’ll let him take it away:

“It was snowing sideways, and we got way ahead. We ended up winning 45-7. There’s about six minutes left and Coach DeBerry says ‘Hey rookie, go get warmed up, you’re going in.’ It was so cold. I ran over by the heater – back then we had the screw in cleats – my feet were numb, my hands were numb, the whole bit. I put my feet up by the heater and I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Are my feet ever going to thaw out?’ All of a sudden I start smelling smoke, and I look down.

“I got my own hotfoot. It melted the whole side of my shoe.”