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Rembert hopeful his NFL uncertainty ends soon

Published: July 25, 2011, 5:43 pm, by admin

This year’s class of undrafted NFL free agents had it tough. After the draft in late April, there was nothing but silence and uncertainty about when, where or if they would sign with a team.

Former Air Force cornerback Reggie Rembert was among the players who has been waiting for the labor situation to clear up.

“It’s been very difficult, to be honest with you,” Rembert said. “I heard from some teams before the draft, and after they couldn’t talk to you.”

With the lockout being lifted today, undrafted free agents can begin signing with teams at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, according to NFL.com. While some teams might be inundated with veteran free agent negotiations and not have undrafted rookies on the top of their priority list, players like Rembert should have some clarity soon.

Rembert said his confidence about signing with a NFL team isn’t as high as it was before the draft, but that isn’t surprising considering he and his agent haven’t had any contact with a NFL team for three months. Rembert said he has been able to do some one-on-one drills and stay in shape in preparation for the end of the lockout. He has no idea what will happen this week, but he’s ready, even if he has to wait around a few days for the call he has been hoping for.

“I’ve waited this long,” Rembert said. “Another week or a couple more weeks, that’s nothing compared to what it has been.”