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Tuesday’s daily links

Published: August 31, 2010, 9:33 am, by admin

We finally have a game to talk about, and today’s main story is that Troy Calhoun won’t dial anything down for Northwestern State. While I don’t think they’re gonna use whatever super-secret trick play they have up their sleeve before BYU, this staff has been very serious about this game all month. The coaches probably don’t want to give off any indication this is an easy game (though, Northwestern State did go 0-11 in the FCS last year, so it should be an easy game). Basically, no team wants to be the one that’s in that “They lost to who???” sentence in the first week of the season.

If you read the blog you knew about Jamil Cooks, but read further and there’s some interesting offensive line news in the notes.

Around the Mountain West/service academies: BYU might not be going to the WAC. … Big news out of UNLV, where Mike Clausen won the starting quarterback job. … BYU’s two quarterback plan is going to be heavily second guessed if the Cougars lose in September. Here’s a couple of stories from the Deseret News on the topic. … Stefan, you’re killing me. TCU. Good. Everywhere. … Colorado State is figuring on a lot of passes from the Buffs. … A look at Wyoming’s first game, against Southern Utah. … Gonna be fun to watch these guys match up against Air Force’s corners. … How can an offensive tackle expected to handle big-game pressure when Utah doesn’t even trust him to speak to the media? Don’t get that. … USA Today puts New Mexico’s Mike Locksley on the hot seat. … Army’s depth chart for the first week. … Navy wants to go to the next level.