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Rembert will get more responsibility … just not offense

Published: July 27, 2010, 5:30 pm, by admin

As I wrote on Twitter a little while ago, cornerback Reggie Rembert’s dreams of playing offense will probably remain just a dream.

“Not initially,” Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said about the possibility of Rembert playing some offense this season. “His priority is to play very well for us at corner.”

Rembert joked earlier in the day at Mountain West media days that he wanted to play some offense (Calhoun said the offensive assistants have lobbied him for that too), as he did in 2008. Calhoun didn’t completely rule out Rembert playing some offense late in the year, but he didn’t sound like that was in his plans. Calhoun wants Rembert to concentrate not just on cornerback and becoming a better returner, but is also going to add more to Rembert’s plate as a slot cornerback in the nickel defense.

The Falcons played a lot of nickel in 2009, with five defensive backs, but usually with an extra safety. With a lot of depth at cornerback, Air Force will use a third cornerback more often this season. With that, Rembert will often move inside and use his quickness to cover inside receivers.

Calhoun said Rembert could also move around the field if the Falcons decide that he matches up with a certain receiver (or if fellow All-MWC preseason first-team cornerback Anthony Wright Jr. matches up with a big receiver from the opponent), and that will be new to Rembert, so he should be busy even without offensive snaps.

“If he’s going to be in the slot and learn that position he’s got to understand run fits and zone coverages too,” Calhoun said.