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Jake’s and David’s Arguments: Topic 2, Part 2

Published: December 8, 2009, 2:37 am, by admin

(This is Jake’s response to Gazette columnist David Ramsey’s blog about why the BCS actually did TCU a favor by putting it in the Fiesta Bowl rather than the national title game. You can see Ramsey’s entry here).

You’re right, Ramsey. You’re absolutely right.

TCU would have had no chance in the national title game against top-ranked Alabama – the team that needed a late touchdown drive to topple mighty Auburn two weeks ago and earlier in the season escaped Tennessee, 12-10, only after blocking a pair of field goals.

It’s too bad we can’t go back in time and save the New York Giants the embarrassment against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl two years ago. Or keep James Buster Douglas protected from a vicious first-round knockout by Mike Tyson. Or, more recently, relieve last year’s Utah squad of its death sentence against the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl.

The greatest thing about sports is there isn’t any such thing as a sure thing.

Would Alabama be an overwhelming favorite to beat TCU? Sure. But ‘Bama’s going to be an overwhelming favorite to beat Texas. And what how much more has Texas done to deserve a national title shot than TCU? I look at both teams’ schedules and I can’t tell you.

TCU deserves the chance to pull an upset – at least as much as Texas. Or Cincinnati. Or Boise State.

And, sure, there’s a great chance that the Tide would roll. I wouldn’t bet against it. But then at least the Horned Frogs would know where they stood. Instead of always wondering.

(Thanks for the condolences about the Skins. I knew they’d blow it. Maybe there are some sure things in sports!)