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BlogDog Pulling a ‘Montana’

Published: November 13, 2009, 7:24 pm, by admin

During a July 2007 trip to Fabulous Las Vegas, I coined a phrase that still is used by my friends today.

The Montana.

It’s homage to the greatest quarterback in football history, Joe Montana, who had a knack for leading his teams to comeback victories thanks to his skills, savvy and – most importantly – his cool demeanor.

I came up with the term while walking back to the Venetian after a monster blackjack rally at Harrah’s. I began screaming, “Montana, baby!” at the top of my lungs. (Before I was scolded by security).

See, I had been down to my last bet – just about to lose my “limit” for the day – when I finally won a hand to snap a streak of losers. I doubled up my next bet and won again. Doubled that up and won. And within about 10 minutes, I was back up to a little above even.

Now, by no means had I gone on a run like Raymond and Charlie Babbitt did at Caesar’s. No pit bosses were alerting the eye in the sky to check out what I was doing. And I’d won far more money in the past. But there was a special satisfaction in being way down but coming back.

Why am I telling you all this? Because The BlogDog has pulled a classic “Montana.” After a 2-4 start (by far his worst record through six games in his three seasons), Norm has ripped off four straight victories. And he’s been pretty darn close on the scores.

But here’s the thing about The BlogDog. He’s not going to get up and walk away from the table after getting back to a little above even. And not just because he doesn’t have a furious wife that he’s nearly an hour late in meeting at the Venetian pool. No, the BlogDog loves the taste of winning. Even more than his Pup-peroini treats.

This week, appropriately enough, the Falcons take on UNLV. And The BlogDog likes the Falcons – big. Watch his final choice here.

Norm’s Pick: Air Force 34, UNLV 10
Norm’s 2009 Season Record: 6-4
Norm’s Overall Record: 23-13