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BlogDog Defends Turf, Challenges Corso

Published: October 30, 2009, 6:05 pm, by admin

When The BlogDog and I go for walks, he never so much as growls at a passing dog, let alone barks.

He just ambles by, maybe gives a friendly sniff and goes on his way.

It’s a different story when he’s at his post on his couch, at the east end of the BlogHouse.

When another dog comes into sight, he’ll start with some growls, and as the dog gets to the front of our house, the growls will crescendo into a torrent of barks.

The lesson is simple: BlogDog doesn’t like anyone on his turf.

Why am I telling you this? Because Air Force announced this week that ESPN’s popular College GameDay program will broadcast live from the academy on Nov. 7 before the Falcons’ game against Army. And each week on that program, analyst Lee Corso picks the winner of the game that will be played at the site from which the program is broadcasting.

You know the drill – he takes out the head of the mascot from the team he picks, and the crowd behind him cheers or boos.

Great times, right?

Not for The BlogDog. Norm reacted to the news that Corso would be making his pick at the academy about the same way he reacts to a dog strolling across the lawn in front of the BlogHouse.

I can tell when Norm’s barks are expletives. He let loose with a few of those.

So The BlogDog decided to throw down the gauntlet. BlogDog vs. Corso, Nov. 7. Whoever picks the right team (or the closer score if both pick the same team) wins dinner. BlogDog likes pizza and red wine.

What you got, Lee?

As for this week, BlogDog is trying to climb back above .500 by nailing his third straight pick. He obviously has heard that Colorado State has blown some leads lately. Because he went to the Rams helmet first and then the Air Force helmet three times in a row (here’s video of the third of his three straight Air Force choices).

Norm’s Pick: Air Force 24, Colorado State 13
Norm’s 2009 Season Record: 4-4
Norm’s Overall Record: 21-13