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BlogDog Banks on Routine

Published: October 23, 2009, 6:11 pm, by admin

Earlier this week in The Gazette, I looked back at Air Force’s 2007 upset of Utah.

Falcons defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter called it “a watershed moment,” for the Air Force program, and senior guard Nick Charles called it “pivotal.”

It was both those for The BlogDog too.

The BlogDog was making just the second pick of his career. And when he correctly predicted an Air Force upset victory, it put him on the map. He went on to post a 9-4 mark in his initial season and an 8-5 record in 2008.

This season stared out in disappointing fashion, as The BlogDog fell two games below .500 for the first time in his career. But last week he guaranteed an Air Force victory over Wyoming. And when the Falcons beat the Cowboys, 10-0, it seemed to give him his mojo back.

As you know, Norm makes his prediction by choosing between a mini-replica Air Force helmet and the mini-replica helmet of the Falcons’ opponent (best three out of five times). This week he went to the Air Force helmet first, then the Utah helmet twice, then back to the Air Force helmet. On his fifth and deciding choice (watch the video here), Norm picked Utah.

In the video, I note that Norm seemed a bit distracted and not too interested in making his pick. But upon further review, I think it was quiet confidence.

Now, The BlogDog isn’t going to go out and guarantee his pick like he did a week ago (you can’t go to that well too often). But I can sense he feels good about his selection.

The reason? The Air Force quarterback situation.

Norm, as I’ve mentioned before in this space, likes a set routine. If he doesn’t get his morning walk, his afternoon nap with the BlogWife, an evening wrestling bout or his Sunday trip to Wash Park coffee shop La Belle Rosette (where he mows down three or four treats while I enjoy a coffee and the paper), he’s out of sorts.

Kind of like how the Air Force offense has been in recent weeks with an unsettled QB situation. Bouncing back and forth between quarterbacks is kind of like moving Norm’s couch from the front of the BlogHouse to the back every other week. Sure, it might work for a while, but eventually he’d feel unsettled.

Norm’s Pick: Utah 21, Air Force 13
Norm’s 2009 Season Record: 3-4
Norm’s Overall Record: 20-13