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Shanahan Out; Calhoun a Candidate?

Published: December 30, 2008, 6:44 pm, by admin

The Broncos have parted ways with head coach Mike Shanahan (story here).


Could Air Force coach Troy Calhoun be a candidate to replace him?


It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds.


Calhoun, remember, spent four years in the NFL, three as an assistant for the Broncos. And he now has two years of head coaching experience (albeit in college).


In addition, Calhoun still talks fondly about his time in the NFL. And the Broncos’ head gig could be one of the few jobs for which he’d leave Air Force (at least at this point).


It would be a bold hire for one of the NFL’s proudest franchises. As well as Calhoun has done at Air Force, he’s still not a huge name nationally.