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Published: December 30, 2008, 7:55 pm, by admin

Something’s been bothering me for a long time.


About a year, actually.


Because it was a year ago that The BlogDog made his first postseason prediction. And I wasn’t there.


The BlogDog had traveled back to the D.C. area with the BlogWife and me to visit family. I decided to have him make his Air Force-Cal prediction on Christmas in front of about 15 family members and friends. He couldn’t concentrate. I called it off.


But because I left for Fort Worth the next day, I left the BlogWife in charge of Norm’s pick.


And that’s where things get dicey.


Remember, Norm makes his pick by choosing between a mini-replica Air Force helmet and the mini-replica helmet of the Falcons’ opponent (or, in the case of last year’s bowl, a piece of paper with the Air Force logo and another with Cal’s logo). Whichever one Norm goes to (best three-of-five times) is the team he thinks will win.


The BlogWife, however, didn’t quite understand the principles of a “best-of-five series,” and I think that affected Norm’s selection process. He picked Air Force, Cal won.


Now, I declined to launch a full-scale investigation because Norm still had compiled a stellar 8-5 record on the season and because I didn’t want to create any controversy (and because I thought the BlogWife might take offense and change the locks to the BlogCrib).


But I did decide to be proactive this year. I had Norm make his pick on his home turf with his loyal sidekick (me) before we left for D.C. for the holidays.


The flipside to this coin is that Norm wasn’t as fired up as he usually is because we picked the game 11 days before it was scheduled to be played (you’ll see in the video).


Norm’s not the kind of dog to make excuses. But, well, I am. So I had to throw that out there.


Anyway, if he nails this one, Norm will hit double-figures and improve his already career-best season total for victories to 10.


He likes the Falcons. He went to Air Force, then Houston, then Air Force and then back to Air Force.


Norm’s Pick: Air Force 40, Houston 31

Norm’s 2008 Season Record: 9-3

Norm’s Overall Record: 17-8

If the video doesn’t load, click on it again, and it should open in a new window.