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Monday Practice Report

Published: December 29, 2008, 12:51 pm, by admin

Air Force held its last practice for Wednesday’s Armed Forces Bowl against Houston this morning. The Falcons wore helmets, jerseys and shorts in a session that was brief and productive.


“Today was really, really sharp,” Calhoun said. “Does that guarantee that you’re going to play at a high level? I don’t think it’s automatic. But what it does, it at least keeps the door open because your preparation’s been thorough and now you’ve got to juice up and you’ve got to go play.”


Injury Update: Calhoun said it’s unlikely senior fullback Todd Newell (ankle) will play Wednesday. Newell has not been able to participate in practices in Fort Worth. … Senior nose guard Jared Marvin (knee) will not play but might dress for the game. “I’d love for him to, just to be able to be right in the heart of it,” Calhoun said. “We’ll see if he wants to do that or not.” … All the other players that were questionable – including sophomore outside linebacker Patrick Hennessey (shoulder), senior inside linebacker Brandon Reeves (shoulder) and sophomore Z receiver Kyle Halderman (mono) – should be able to play.

High Praise: Calhoun went a little Lou Holtz on his praise of Houston Monday. Asked about how difficult it is to replicate the Cougars’ offense in practice, he said: “If we could go and grab some guys from the National Football League, then maybe we’d resemble it in a way.”

Armstrong Back in Lineup: Calhoun said there was “a very good chance” that senior X receiver Spencer Armstrong could start Wednesday. Armstrong has been out since breaking a leg in the regular season game against Houston on Sept. 13.

“He just wants to play so bad, but it’s legitimate physically where he’s able to follow through, too,” Calhoun said.


Food: Ate at the Fox and Hound last night in downtown Fort Worth while watching the Chargers dismantle the Broncos. Solid bar food. Nothing to write home about, though, I suppose, something to write to your blog about. A good place to watch games. They have a bunch of TVs, and they put the sound up for the Broncos-Chargers game.