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Programming Notes

Published: August 29, 2008, 11:36 am, by admin

A couple quick programming notes with game day just a bit more than 24 hours away:

-I’m planning to do game-day reports on the blog, for those of you who are watching the games on TV. What I’m thinking is at least one pre-game report (thoughts on what’s happening in warm-ups, a weather report etc.), a halftime report and then (hopefully) a post-game wrap.

-Also, make sure to check out the paper or Gazette.com after each game. There will be a game story, a notebook and (typically) two sidebars – and also a column from David Ramsey from time to time (though not this week, as he’s still making his way back from Beijing). Finally, I’m planning to do an audio report from each game that should be linked to a still photo slideshow.

-Keep an eye out for the BlogDog’s pick, coming later today.