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  • Spring Practice Dates

    Tue, February 5, 2008 by admin with 4 comments

    In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, some Falcon Football news – Air Force’s spring practice dates.

    The Falcons will hold their first practice on March 4 and hold seven more sessions before spring break. Air Force will reconvene on April 1 for the first of eight more sessions – the last the Spring Game on April 12.

    Here’s the full list of practices. Air Force built in gaps between practices to allow for inclement weather.

    March 4
    March 5
    March 7
    March 8
    March 11
    March 12
    March 18
    March 19
    April 1
    April 2
    April 4
    April 5
    April 8
    April 9
    April 11
    April 12 (Spring Game)

    In addition, the Air Force football banquet will be held Feb. 22 at the Broadmoor.

  • TCU Review

    Sat, February 2, 2008 by admin with 9 comments

    I think it’s safe to say at this point that nobody should read too much into any one game the Air Force men’s basketball team plays this year.

    The Falcons were blown out at Utah by 21 in their Mountain West Conference opener and boy, oh, boy did it look like it’d be a long league season. Until the next game when they knocked off UNLV – the team picked to finish second in the league in the preseason.

    They were rocked by New Mexico at The Pit and the offense looked anemic. Until the next game when the Falcons scored 75 – tied for the second-most they’ve put up all season – in a victory over Colorado State.

    They suffered their worst home loss since 2001 to BYU, and it looked like the beginning of the end with a tough stretch ahead. Until today when Air Force defeated TCU, 56-46.

    It’s going to be that kind of year – up and down, up and down. That’s what we should expect, especially with an inexperienced team.

    TCU Quick Thoughts:

    -Overall, just a huge victory considering what’s up next. Even if the Falcons lose at San Diego State on Wednesday – and the Aztecs are very tough to beat at home – they’d be 4-4 halfway through the league season. Not bad, considering this team was picked to finish eighth in a nine-team league.

    -I wrote below in my BYU Review/TCU Preview about Tim Anderson’s stellar defense. It was on display again today as he made two steals and, according to stats the Falcons keep, seven deflections.

    Anderson again played like a MWC Player of the Year candidate today, lifting his game when it mattered most. After TCU went on a 10-2 run to close within a point late in the game, Anderson calmly drained a 3-pointer. Two possessions later, he drained another, and the lead was back up to seven.

    And check out this three-possession sequence early in the second half:

    TCU Ball: Anderson blocks shot
    AF Ball: Anderson makes no-look touch pass to Keith Maren for a layin.
    TCU Ball: Anderson makes steal

    BYU’s Lee Cummard might end up taking the POY award, but Anderson’s got to be in the discussion.

    -Air Force is very fortunate TCU’s Henry Salter did not play.

    -Not a great performance by the TCU student section. When your top cheer is “Air Force [rhymes with tux],” that’s pretty lame.

    -Anwar Johnson’s late-game dunk hopefully gives him some confidence around the rim – especially after being rejected on a dunk attempt earlier in the game and blowing the dunk late in the BYU game.

    It was a pretty impressive dunk, though, as jams go. And just as impressive was Andrew Henke’s first-half dunk when he drove the baseline and threw it down with two hands.

  • BYU Review/Pre-TCU

    Fri, February 1, 2008 by admin with no comments

    It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I posted something on this blog.

    My bad.

    Anyway, I’ll be providing game reviews from here on out, so here’s a mini-BYU Review along with some additional thoughts going into a pivotal stretch for the Falcons.

    As David Ramsey pointed out in his column after the BYU game, everything was set up for the Falcons Wednesday night – home crowd, star player of the opposing team under the weather and a week off to prepare.

    And Air Force still lost. Disappointing for fans, for sure, but maybe that’s about what should have been expected.

    The thing about this Air Force team is that when it’s shooting the lights out – which it’s capable of doing – and playing good defense, it can look very, very good. The problem is shooting is a big-time variable. And you can’t really rely on it to carry you all the time. Last year’s team is a perfect example. Look at the UNLV game in Vegas when the Falcons desperately hoisted 39 3s and lost by 10.

    So here’s the point – those top-notch shooting nights that lead to quality wins probably raise expectations to unrealistic levels. No matter how good this team has looked on certain nights, there also have been dismal losses to Northern Illinois and Colorado and the escape (helped by a generous no-call and then call) against Radford.

    An 8-8 season still would be a big-time triumph.

    Some other quick thoughts:

    -Tim Anderson has been scoring in bunches lately, so it’s easy to overlook the best part of his game: His defense.

    Anderson’s hands always seem to be in the way or poking a ball out of an opponent’s hands. His feet are deceptively quick. And he has uncanny anticipation that allows him to flash into passing lanes and make steals. A case in point was his theft with just less than 7 minutes to play in the first half of the BYU game. He made an aggressive break, swiped an inbounds pass and went for a layin.

    One conference coach told me last year that he voted for Anderson as the defensive player of the year in the league. He might get some more votes this year.

    -Anwar Johnson is wonderfully athletic. He has made some jaw-dropping moves to get to the hole this year.


    Once he gets there …

    Perhaps the ability to finish is an innate gift like having a nose for the ball (like Anderson has on defense). But maybe he can learn it. If he can, Air Force will have an important piece to its offensive puzzle.

    -Tomorrow’s game is huge if Air Force wants to have any prayer of staying in the conference race.

    Look what’s up after the Falcons face TCU, one of the only teams in the league that’s better this year than it was last year:

    at San Diego State (where the Aztecs are tough to beat and last year clobbered Air Force by 21 points)

    v. Utah (a team that blew out the Falcons earlier this year)

    at UNLV (another team that’s tough to beat at home.

    Is tomorrow’s game a must-win? Only if Air Force wants any part of the race for the league title.