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Published: October 24, 2007, 9:09 pm, by admin
At first glance, the BlogDog doesn’t seem to have much in common with former Air Force coach Fisher DeBerry.

Fisher’s from the South. BlogDog’s from Canada.

Fisher’s married. BlogDog’s single.

Fisher gained national fame by employing the triple-option. BlogDog’s patented snag-the-recently-folded-laundry-and-run move has barely garnered regional acclaim.

Fisher’s retired. BlogDog is in his first year as a prognosticator.

Fisher’s a human. BlogDog’s a dog.

But the more you look at it, the more you realize they have in common.

Fisher began his first season as Air Force head coach 5-3. BlogDog is 5-3 in his first year predicting Air Force games. Both have the endearing ability to make you laugh without meaning to.

And both believe that college football games should be played on Saturday afternoons.

A Thursday night game – and the short week of preparation that preceded it – threw off the BlogDog earlier this season. After correctly picking Air Force’s first two games of the season, he misfired on the third – the Falcons’ Thursday night game against TCU.

BlogDog brings another two-game winning streak into tonight’s contest, and this time he likes the home team.

(Quick refresher course for those new to this blog: As a beat writer, I am not allowed to predict the outcome of games. So my dog, Norm, is doing it.

Here’s how: I put a mini-replica Air Force helmet and the mini-replica helmet of the opponent the Falcons are facing that week in front of Norm. Whichever one Norm goes to first – best three out of five times – is the team he thinks is going to win. If Norm picks the same helmet three times in a row, he’s thinking blowout. If he chooses one team three times and the other team once, he’s thinking the game will be decided by about seven to 10 points. If he chooses one team three times and the other one twice, he’s predicting a close game)

This week, the BlogDog went to the New Mexico helmet first, then Air Force’s twice in a row, then New Mexico’s twice in a row.

Norm’s Pick: New Mexico 28, Air Force 24
Norm’s Record: 5-3

BlogDog’s bite is more telling than his bark. He likes the Lobos.