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Calhoun Press Conference Recap

Published: August 28, 2007, 7:56 pm, by admin
Troy Calhoun held the first of his weekly press conferences this afternoon. Here are some of the highlights:

-He will script the first 15 (approximately) offensive plays that Air Force runs – something he said he has been doing for about 10 years. The team typically will decide upon its scripts in the middle of each week, then run them as long as is appropriate.

“Any time you script, the thing you’ve got to be astute to is situation still plays a factor,” he said.

In other words, if a triple-option is the next play in the script and Air Force is facing third-and-19, Calhoun will change the play.

-He said senior quarterback Shaun Carney “absolutely” has a grasp of the new offense.

“He’s a guy that I think can be a dual-threat player,” Calhoun said. “I think he runs well, he’s not incredibly dynamic as a runner, but he’s more than adequate. I like his mobility throwing, and I like his accuracy. And just from a leadership standpoint I think he’s got a very good command of what we’re doing.”’

-Here’s coach’s take on South Carolina State:

“Overall, an extremely talented football team. I think one of the benefits of being a I-AA program is they sit in a pretty good hotbed. So at any time (they get) a transfer, he never has to sit out. So you’ll see they’ve got some guys who are really, really good football players. I think their quarterback (Cleveland McCoy) is versatile, I think he moves well, I think he throws well, and he’s a guy you can tell from a savvy standpoint, he’s played a lot of football. He’s an experienced football player. … (Running back Will Ford) is extremely explosive, a guy that had a 90-yard kickoff return against Coastal Carolina last year, a young man who’s a state sprinter champion, and when you flip the tape on, great quickness, and he’s a guy that’s a threat every time he touches the ball to go a long ways.

“I’m impressed with their offensive line. Last year they led their conference in rushing at 220 yards a game and also in total offense, and that starts with the group they’ve got up front. The center, the left guard and the right tackle, all three of them are outstanding players. … Very good sized team – you’ll see immediately, as soon as they take the field, and they’re well coached and the whole bit. This is a very good football team.

“Defensively, the (Marshall) McFadden kid that plays kind of a rover spot for them is an excellent football player. He’s quick, he’s physical, he has great instincts. They’re a good squad, they have no weaknesses. And candidly, it’s probably exactly what we need, though, too.”